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Rules for the Roads in Kuwait

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So I'm a bit new to the idea of blogging my travels but thought why not give it a try. I moved to Kuwait about 9 months ago for work and have been busy living in and exploring the Middle East. So here goes......I chose the topic of driving in Kuwait as my first blog

Rules for driving in Kuwait
1)There are no rules
2) Drive on the right unless driving on the left is faster
3) Green light means go,Orange light means go,Red light means speed up and go
4) Driving whilst holding a mobile phone is mandatory
5) Seatbelts and Lights at night are optional
6) Its fine to cut across 4 lanes to turn off the highway
7) Flashing lights in any other country means give way, in kuwait it means "get out of the way"
8) A 5 seater car seats 10 people
9) A 3 lane highway is actually a 5 lane highway in disguise
10) Putting your hazard lights on means "expect the worst".........

Guess your thoughts at reading this were the same as mine when I moved here. Why would anyone drive? However something about the craziness of it all makes it all the more of an experience. After 3 months of endless lifts and taxis, I couldnt face the prospect of being driven around any more, got myself out into the maze of arabic car showrooms and bought myself a car woohoo! Finally a bit of independance and freedom. With it came the challenge of understanding the endless roads all which come with two names, the first a number (used by all the expats 30, 40, 2nd ring road etc) and the second an arabic name too long to read until its too late and you miss the entrance.

The roadsigns are straight to the point, (my favourite include 'Speed = Death' & 'Be Aware of Drugs'). However learning to drive here has allowed me to experience all sorts of new and exciting everyday activities. I mean how else would I have visited an abandoned village by the border of Iraq bombed in the last attack, seen camels crossing the road or visited an arabic police station (when some not so clever lorry driver hit my car :( ). All I can say is it has encouraged me to drive in any country I might travel to, honestly if you can learn to drive here, I'm pretty sure anywhere else in the world would be a breeze.

Right off to fill up the car with 12p a litre petrol.....some of the benefits ;)

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